Something new

13/10/2016 06:58
Today's prompt from the Write Practice was to write poetry. Not my comfort zone by any means but check out the result - Crosby Beach - under 'Stories'!

Flash Tales - Week 6

20/10/2014 20:24
This week's tale is full of twists and turns - hope you like it!   Remember to check out Black Ship Books for more info.

Nano 2014

01/10/2014 22:45
I'm getting into gear for Nanowrimo 2014 - watch this space!

70 x 700

19/07/2014 13:22
The new, dedicated site is now up and running. You can find it here - !

70 x 700 update

14/07/2014 08:03
Half of my first story is written - go me! Writing short stories can be very satisfying but that doesn't make it easy by any means.   I'll post it tomorrow - comments, suggestions, critiques, etc, etc, will be most welcome.

New project - 70 x 700

11/07/2014 07:32
New Project Originally this was going to be a Nano idea but I think I want to get started, now. So, stand by your beds and wait for a daily dose of flash fiction from yours truly!


01/12/2013 21:34
Finished Nano with 50,020 words and a day to spare!

Nano 2013

19/11/2013 13:48
On track to finish!

Writer for hire!

27/08/2013 14:44
I am now available for writing, proofreading and editing jobs big and small.   Just drop me an email!  

Eight months?!

07/08/2013 15:45
I knew it was a while since I last did anything on this site but I didn't think it had been this long.   Just shows how this year has gone...   OK, here's my August resolution - I will (probably) update this blog at least once a week! And today's update is just to say that I...
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