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22/12/2015 09:56

Another prompt, another story! We're getting all Christmassy over at Blackship Books and F3, this week. Here's my effort - hope you enjoy!


Friday 18 December

Today, being Friday, we got our rota for the week ahead. Here's what I'll be doing in the run up to the Big Day!

Saturday: Kitchen duty
Sunday: Database duty
Monday: Present wrapping duty
Tuesday: Reindeer duty
Wednesday: Costume repair duty
Thursday: Sleigh duty!!!

To say that I'm excited is an enormous understatement! Like saying 'Father Christmas looks good in red' – THAT enormous! I don't know how I'm going to make it through the rest of the week without exploding with happiness!!!

OK, Elfrida, get a grip of yourself... Take a deep breath...

Oh, it's no good! I'm too hyped-up! I'm going to be on the sleigh on Christmas Eve! Helping FC give out all the presents! Woo-hoo!

As for today? Beard duty is the WORST. How are you supposed to keep someone's beard clean when all they do is EAT?

Saturday 19 December

Up at five this morning to cook breakfast for 1,000 elves in two sittings – 7am and 8am. Well, I was on washing up, today, not actual cooking but I still had to report for duty at 5am.

I'd just dried the last plate when it was time for lunch. Two sittings again – 12pm and 1pm. There's something about being in the kitchen all day that really puts me off eating. I did manage a bacon buttie mid-morning but I really had no appetite for most of the day.

And then dinner – 5pm and 6pm. And supper – 8pm and 9pm. Getting 500 cups of cocoa ready all at the same time for a bunch of sleepy elves, serving them at the same time and making sure they're all still warm is no mean feat! And having 1,000 freshly baked choc chip cookies to go with them...

I did have my cocoa and cookies! Ready to fall asleep, now...

Sunday 20 December

I was working with NONIS, today – the 'Naughty Or Nice Information System'. Yes, there are still children who are only just writing out their Christmas lists. Their parents really should get them more organised!

Thankfully, I wasn't actually typing in all the new lists, today, I was on 'Nice Watch'! That's where we keep an eye on the kids on the Naughty List to see if they do anything nice. I had Johnny Watkins, today. He 'forgot' to brush his teeth in the morning and pulled his little sister's hair. BUT he did help his mother with her shopping and gave the cat some fresh water, so I gave him an extra 'Nice Point'.

Anyone who's nice to animals is pretty much OK in my book.

Monday 21 December

Present wrapping, today. If I never see another piece of wrapping paper, it will be too soon!

They play Christmas songs all day long in the wrapping room, which is supposed to get us in the mood. Most of them are OK – although 'Jingle Bells' more than once every couple of hours gets old quickly. But there are some that have had to be banned completely. We elves are, on the whole, a cheerful bunch, but 'Do They Know It's Christmas' will throw us into a homicidal rage. So, yeah, they don't play that any more. Not since the Incident with Elfimon and the Glitter...

Personally, I like the oldies – 'Rockin Around the Christmas Tree' and 'Jingle Bell Rock'. And 'Fairytale of New York' makes me cry every time.

I only got two paper-cuts, this time, but I did get into a right tangle with the ribbon. Rayelf was supervising my area and gave me a right dressing down over it. But then he somehow got caught in the reel of Sellotape, so I felt better after that.

Tuesday 22 December

The reindeer are lovely to work with. So gentle and friendly.

Of course, they also produce a lot of crap, which has to be shovelled up and disposed of...

Thankfully, I got to take them out for exercise, today, and Rayelf had to do the shovelling! We took them for a really long run right round the North Pole to get them ready for Christmas Eve. It was really cold, of course, but I still think it's better to be out in the fresh air than mucking out or cleaning the tack.

I whispered to Rudolf that I'd be seeing him again on Thursday and he gave me an extra-special nuzzle.

Just can't wait for tomorrow to be over!

Have I mentioned that I'm excited about this?!

Wednesday 23 December

I hate sewing! Luckily, I was on the 'Quick Repairs' table, today. That's for people who've lost the bell off their cap or a button off a shirt, or something like that. Something that only takes a couple of minutes.

My best friend Trinnelfie had to help with an invisible mend on Father Christmas' second-best suit. It took them all day! Still, she definitely had a real glow of accomplishment about her at supper.

Well, I have a BIG day tomorrow! I'm just so excited I don't think I'll be able to sleep.

Thursday 24 December

Well, it's officially Christmas Day, now, since it's after midnight, but whatever...

I did manage to get some sleep and then I went down for a big breakfast. Trinnelfie and Rayelf and a couple of others all had Sleigh Duty, too. It's too big a job for Father Christmas and one elf, you know! We all sat together and tried not to feel smug with all the envious glances we were getting.

There was still plenty of work for everyone. There are always the last minute present changes to organise and the sleigh has to be loaded up. The elves on Sleigh Duty each get given an area to supervise – I got the reindeer! I had to make sure they were all rubbed down properly and their hooves were shiny. I took care of polishing Rudolf's nose myself!

Trinnelfie was looking after the tack, making sure the bells were all working and the buckles would fasten properly.

And Rayelf was in charge of loading the sleigh, getting all the millions of presents inside the spacial dimension that allows FC to carry them all on one sleigh.

We missed lunch but we did have a good dinner. And then we had to hang around while Father Christmas said a 'proper' goodbye to Mother Christmas... I try not to think about what that involves...

And then we were off! Me and the other elves sat on the back seat, leaning over the side so that we got the wind in our faces. Rayelf nearly lost his hat!

When we arrived at the first house, the real work began. I checked the name of the child on the list, Rayelf opened the spacial dimension, another elf went inside to fetch the presents, and Tinnelfie and the others dropped them down the chimney to Father Christmas.

Then on to the next house, rinse and repeat.

We were all running on adrenaline by the end but we got them all done. Another year's successful present giving under our belts!

Tomorrow, we get a sort of day off. Some elves will have kitchen duty and some will be in the stables, but most of us will be able to just put our feet up and just stuff ourselves silly!

Merry Christmas!!!

Elfrida's Diary

Very Merry Christmas, Elfrida!

Date: 26/12/2015 | By: Joyce Juzwik

Rose, this really made me smile all the way through. Such a charming inside peek at an elf's week before Christmas. Kitchen duty though, that's really a rough assignment. It's easy to see why 'FC' depends so heavily on his support staff. They're the real muscle behind Christmas.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

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