Getting to know your Muse

07/10/2012 08:17

An essential part of every writer's kit - yet perhaps the hardest part to define - is the Muse.

The Muse can inspire a writer to the greatest heights and can abandon them to the wilderness of writer's block without any warning.   And the worst part is that there's no way to control this process.   You can't make your muse stay around by being nice to them.   Or threatening them for that matter.

Not that spending time with your muse ever hurts!

I've been lucky with my muse - she's never left me.   I also have to admit that I probably haven't paid her as much attention as she deserves.   Writing makes her happy, though, so more writing is probably a good way to encourage her amazing powers.

So, find some time to spend with your muse - the rewards will be worth it.