Thick and fast

18/10/2012 15:50

I'm up to about 12 story ideas and a couple of suggested unifying themes.   So, this new approach of deliberately looking out for ideas seems to be working - at least for the moment.

As I said in the last blog, I've never really gone looking for ideas before.   Partly this is bone-idleness, I admit - not just in terms of looking for ideas but also in terms of turning them into stories.   I may class myself as a writer, but I can't claim to be always writing.

That's why NaNo has always pulled at me.   It demands that you write something every day - or at least most days.   I think my NaShoWriMo idea will require discipline of a slightly different kind.   Rather than working on the same story, there will be a constant change of focus.

So, November promises to be an interesting month, yet again.