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05/09/2013 12:56

I now have accounts at four different websites, all of which promise cash for words.   Below is a brief summary of the experience so far.


Very detailed profile, which felt promising.   I actually updated this site based on what I'd put in there.   However, after 9 days I'm still getting a message promising to put me into a programme as soon as one matches my profile.   Of course, it may be that I need to make a change to my profile - but what?

Yahoo Voices

The first thing to say is that they won't pay me because I'm not an American citizen.   Still, having my writing on a public site can only be a good thing, right?   Well, it would be if they'd publish my article.   I submitted it for approval a week ago and still haven't heard back.


I have to admit that I haven't really engaged with Wikinut, yet.   I need to, though, because if you don't keep up at least a 1 star rating (I'm not even sure how you do that!) they charge you for having an inactive account.   So, watch this space on this one!


OK, I have to admit that after just one day I'm in love.   Sooo simple - write an article and publish it.   A very nice editor will then check it over (remember - 1 space between words and capitalise those 'I's!) and let you know if they've made any changes.   How great is that?   Of course there is a 'but' - but only a small one!   You have to promise not to publish your article anywhere else for at least a year.

Overall, I think this is a good way of cutting my on-line writer's teeth.   Articles for all of these sites are short - 500-2,000 words - so, all you need is an idea and a keyboard.   Yahoo Voices and Helium have prompts in case you're lacking in inspiration - some of the ones on Helium pay quite well, too.   Being able to bang out an article or two a day gives a real sense of accomplishment, too!

I do want to move on and start finding 'real' paid work but the rest of this year looks like it could be quite hectic.   I think it will form a New Year's resolution, though!

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