09/12/2012 14:08
I've added a 'Story Ideas' section to the blog, mostly so that I have somewhere to capture the random ideas that sometimes occur to me.   I currently have a couple of ideas that might work but one of them feels like a potential novel and I really don't want to lose it!

November is over!

02/12/2012 22:21
I had fun in November playing with the short story format, trying out different genres and finding that it's possible to make time to write.   Now I just need to keep it up!

November is here!

03/11/2012 10:40
OK, so it's the 3rd but who's counting? The first part of my 'NaNo with a twist' is now up.   Really looking forward to seeing where all this goes!

I haz commentz!

11/10/2012 12:32
Two people have been kind enough to comment on 'Queen of Another Country' in my guestbook.   I am beyond excited!

Flash Fiction Friday entry - Queen of Another Country

10/10/2012 14:12
You can read my latest scribbles right here (well, in the blog section...) Pop over and give it a read.   Let me know what you think by putting something in the guestbook.

Today is not a day for heroes

05/10/2012 17:30
You can read the text of my 2007 Nano-novel in my writing LiveJournal !   This is how I left it in 2007 - all say 'awww'! There's a huge gap in the story where I just ran out of space (50,000 words isn't as much as it...

Website launched

05/10/2012 15:24
My new blog has been launched today. I've started this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts and ideas on writing.   I don't think there'll be anything particularly groundbreaking about them but I think I have a pretty unique take on most things, so hopefully you'll find...

The Blog Begins!

05/10/2012 14:52
So now I'm officially a blogger. Let's see how it goes...
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