Finding inspiration

28/08/2013 09:36

Yesterday, I gave in and signed up for Twitter.   I've been resisting it for a long time but if I'm serious about getting my name out there as a writer, it seems that I need Twitter (as well as Facebook and a blog that actually has, you know, content...)  I'm following a number of writing and news sites - no celebs (at least, not yet!).

Last night I saw an article on Huffington Post about a man who produces 'flat pack' houses that can be built in a day.   It reminded me of some research I did about fourteen years ago into straw bale houses.   What I particularly liked about the idea was that straw bales are light enough for anyone to carry, so the whole family can help to build a house.

Last night, I did an internet search and found lots and lots of different websites offering information - including architectural services - on building with straw.   All promoted the economic and 'green' benefits.   Nowhere did I see a picture of a child carrying a straw bale.   I originally intended to write about building straw houses but the article actually became a 'how the world has changed' piece.   Nowadays, we use the internet as our primary source of information, economics outweigh all other considerations but we do want to know that we're being 'green'.

But if I hadn't joined Twitter, I wouldn't have seen the original article and I never would have written anything!   So, maybe there is something to this Twitter thing, after all...