Gathering ideas

15/10/2012 15:34

Today, I invested in a notebook for scribbling down random ideas and a set of coloured pencils to scribble them with.   I'm feeling quite the professional!   So far, I've jotted down some ideas that have popped up over the last couple of days.

Normally, I don't go looking for ideas - they tend to just kind of find me.   For example, Rathia (central character of my second NaNo novel) just walked fully-formed into my head one day.   But I'm planning something new for November; I'm thinking of writing 25 short stories of about 2k words each.   This means actively seeking ideas, since my head isn't so full of stories that I have 25 just waiting to be taken off the mental shelf.

So, how am I going about this?   Well, I've been looking around at the objects in my home - a shoe shoved under the wardrobe, a hoodie on the back of a kitchen chair instead of in the owner's bedroom - and jotting them down, along with a couple of extra ideas that might lead into a story.   In other words, I'm setting myself a series of challenges.  

Will I be able to generate 25 good-enough ideas?   Will I be able to turn those ideas into some half-decent stories?   I'll let you know on 1 December!